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Real Estate Appraisal

An authentic simulation of the property’s market and the competitve situation is indispensable for a meaningful real estate appraisal.

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According to §194 of the German Federal Building Code (§194 BauGB), the standard market value of a given property is defined as “…the price which would be achieved in an ordinary transaction at the time when the assessment is made, taking into account the existing legal circumstances and the actual characteristics, general condition and location of the property or other object of assessment, without consideration being given to any extraordinary or personal circumstances”.

One or more methods can be utilized to properly appraise real estate. These methods should be selected based on the type of real estate in question, and any additional case-specific circumstances, especially any known data concerning the object in question.

There are three different methods to properly appraise real estate:

Sales comparable approach
→Commonly used to appraise undeveloped real estate or condominiums

German simplified income approach
→Is used particularly to appraise apartment buildings or real estate used in commerce or Industry

Cost approach
→Commonly used to appraise single- or duplex houses

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